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U5051 High Nibthwaite to Parkamoor


Green Lanes, old paths worn into life by countless feet, are one of the key connections we have into the wilder places and are also a vital home for wildlife. Motorised traffic threatens them, not just the sanctuary for us and wildlife, but their physical integrity too.”

Hugh Warwick, writer and environmentalist

The hill and forest tracks, many of ancient, sometimes Roman origin, are an essential part of this landscape.

At present off-road 4x4s and motor bikes can legally use many green lanes, even if they cross ecologically highly sensitive habitats. They damage the tracks, upset the ecological balance and prevent residents and visitors from enjoying the beauty and tranquillity of the Lakes. 

Ancient byways are being destroyed by off-roading throughout the Lake District, including inside the Lake District National Park.

The Lake District National Park and the highway authority have the power to stop the destruction. They need support, encouragement and, where necessary, pressure from the public to help them do so. The Lake District Green Lanes Alliance is working to protect these precious historic features of our landscape.

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