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The crucial role of the National Trust for the conservation of the area

This large stretch of land from Coniston to Little Langdale is owned by the National Trust, together with a number of historic working farms on it.


It is part of the estate (the Heelis Bequest and the Monk Coniston Estate) Beatrix Potter passed on to the National Trust, on the understanding that it would be preserved for the nation. This is an area where the National Trust has its strongest roots, the basis on which it developed into the large conservation organisation it is today.  For more information you can use this tool on the NT website. Just type in a place name, e.g. Tilberthwaite HIgh Fells South.

Although the NT cannot legally ban any vehicles from using its land, it is an important member of the Lake District National Park Partnership and can make its voice heard on conservation issues. It has  published a statement calling the use of the tracks by recreational 4x4s and motorbikes unacceptable and strongly supporting a Traffic Regulation Order.

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