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An attack on the beauty and tranquillity of one the loveliest places in this World Heritage Site

We took legal action against the National Park Authority because it has refused to protect our fell tracks with TROs.

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Over 5-fold increase in the number of 4x4s on the Tilberthwaite track between 2004 and 2018 (see graph)

Restore our lanes to their pre-2000 condition as

quiet, beautiful fell tracks!

The National Trust has issued a strong statement in support of a Traffic Regulation Order. It says that the current use of these tracks by recreational 4x4s and motorbikes is unacceptable and that the NT will urge the application of a TRO.

(Read here how a Traffic Regulation Order would work.)

"The square mile ... between Tilberthwaite Gill and the Brathay is scenically one of the loveliest in Lakeland."  

A. Wainwright, The Southern Fells

In May 2019 a report from the UNESCO advisory body ICOMOS asked the LDNPA to protect the Outstanding Universal Value of the Lake District with a TRO. Read the report here...

In response to the LDNPA report to the Rights of Way Committee ICOMOS issued a further report. Read it here ...

How other National Parks are solving the problem: by protecting the beauty and amenity ('the quality of being pleasant or agreeable') with a TRO ...

Peak District: 6 TROs since 2014

Yorkshire Dales: 12 TROs since 2006

Lake District: 000 TROs since 2004




  • Judicial Review on the LDNPA's refusal to initiate TRO proceedings for the High Tilberthwaite and High Oxenfell tracks.



  • A High Court Judge gives permission for the Judicial Review to proceed.



  • Judicial Review launched against the LDNPA's decision, funded by CrowdJustice appeal



  • The LDNPA publishes its report for the Rights of Way Committee. It is based on unprofessional surveys and distorted evidence. More in our blog 22 September.


  • The UNESCO advisory body ICOMOS issues a report, asking the National Park to protect the Outstanding Universal Value of the World Heritage Site with a TRO.


  • Article in the Westmorland Gazette: '4x4 issues are probed', quoting the statement of the National Trust. The LDNPA are quoted as saying, wrongly, that the "DEFRA guidance stressed that the application of TROs was a 'last resort' and other management options should initially be investigated." Since 2000 a voluntary restraint scheme has been in place and produced a massive increase in traffic.

  • The National Trust issues a strong statement in support of a TRO.



  • A new background briefing on the LDNPA website, distorting its own usage figures and selling the repairs as a solution. Read the rebuttal here.

  • The LDNPA announces drop-in sessions in Coniston (26 Feb) and Skelwith Bridge (5 March) to discuss the tracks.

  • "There is a very strong case for a TRO" say the Friends of the Lake District. Read their statement here.

  • The LDNPA publishes a new FAQ section about our green lanes. Still no mention of the Authority's duty to conserve and enhance the beauty of our area. Read our rebuttal.



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