Protests from 2000 to 2018

Right from the implementation of the Hierarchy of Trail Routes in 2000, local residents have made their objections clear.

In December 2000 the Chairman of the Langdales Society wrote in the Langdale Valley News that with the introduction of the Hierarchy of Trails Routes


“the LDNPA have not just advertised the fact that ‘green roads’ are in fact legitimate highways; they have not just given permission for certain types of vehicles to use these tracks; they have positively issued a challenge which has been taken up by entrepreneurs.”

On 16th November 2004, a resolution was adopted by the Langdales Neighbourhood Forum, calling for the scrapping of the Hierarchy of Trails scheme in Little Langdale.

In 2006 the editor of the Langdale Valley News called for a Traffic Regulation Order, and over the years many  individuals, including National Trust farmers, have made their objections to the off-road traffic clear.

In 2015, the Lake District National Park Authority (LDNPA) received a detailed report showing the damage to the routes and the effects of the off-road traffic on local residents, describing their distress and anger.

All this went unheeded.


In 2017, four mountaineering clubs based in the area added their voice asking for a Traffic Regulation order.

On 23rd September 2017, a group of local residents and campaigners handed over a petition to the Chief Executive of the National Park, Richard Leafe, and the Head of Park Management, Mark Eccles.


The LDNPA's response to the petition shows that even after many years of neglect, they are in no hurry to preserve this landscape.